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Why can't I log onto successfully?   


Answer: It may be caused by your browser or software blocking pop-ups on your PC. Exit the pop-up blocking software or turn off the pop-up blocker on your toolbar (e.g. Google Toolbar) and try to log on again.



What is the Launch X431 software update Official website ?


Answer:  For Original Launch X431 Diagun2 and Launch X431 Master, it is ;

                  For Launch X431 Diagun3 or Launch X431 IV it is



How to finish the update for the Launch X431 Diagun3 ? 


Answer:Please watch this two  PDF  details for download-and-update-for-X431-Diagun3details for download-and-update-for-X431-Diagun3

                                                                       Launch X431 Diagun III English user's manualLaunch X431 Diagun III English user's manual

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