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Portable Smoke Opacimeter

Portable Smoke Opacimeter

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  • Vehicle gas analyzer
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  • Launch X431
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  • Portable Smoke Opacimeter
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  • Portable Smoke Opacimeter
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  • 08-19-2018
Detail Information

Portable Smoke Opacimeter
Smoke Opacimeter SV-2LS
【Functions and features】
Simple, easy to carry. In line with national testing standards. LED lights indicate the whole operation process. Red light (power show), yellow (automatic calibration), green (running prompt). Equipped with printers, print timely data. Operation with automatic calibration function. Free to accelerate the process of functional measurement: measuring four times, automatically check the average of three times. High-brightness LED can display real-time N, K value. The development of a variety of features and product upgrades to meet the diverse needs of customers.

【Main technical parameters  】
Smoke Opacimeter SV-2LS
Measuring range
Opacity degrees N :0-99 .9%
Light absorption coefficient K :0-16 .00 m-1

Opacity degrees N: 0.1%
Light absorption coefficient K: 0.01m-1

Indication Error
Opacity degrees:±2.0%( Absolute error)_

Power Supply
AC220V    50Hz

Smoke Opacimeter SV-2LS Weight

480 * 375 * 360mm

Portable Smoke Opacimeter
  • Portable Smoke Opacimeter
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