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SKS-3055 ECU Signal Generator

SKS-3055 ECU Signal Generator

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  • ECU Chip Tuning
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  • Launch X431
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  • SKS-3055
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  • SKS-3055 ECU signal generator
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  • 07-16-2018
Detail Information

SKS-3055 ECU signal generator, according to the signal characteristics of the auto electronic control system, produced by Single-chip technology, this generator has Stable performance and easily to use.

This generator can produce a variety of related signal, and signal amplitude can switch 5V and 12V, can used for all kinds of cars. Help the technicians easily to find the fault in a short time.


158 +2 signals (58Hz - 900Hz), Simulation of the crankshaft signal, 5Vpp, 12Vpp second gear

2Sine wave signal (20Hz - 900Hz), simulation speed, wheel speed signal, 5Vpp, 12Vpp second gear;

3Square-wave signals (10Hz - 10KHz), simulation the signal of many kinds sensors, such as optoelectronic, Hall, frequency-type air flow sensor etc.5Vpp, 12Vpp second gear;
   4. All the way variable resistance signal (50 ohm - 10 kilo-ohm ), simulated cooling water temperature, intake air temperature, oil and other digital signal;
   5. All the way variable voltage signal (0 - 5V), simulation of a variety of signals such as the oxygen sensor voltage, throttle, intake pressure, wing plate air flow meter.

SKS-3055 ECU Signal Generator
  • SKS-3055 ECU Signal Generator
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