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Launch X431 Diagun III

Launch X431 Diagun III

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  • Launch X431
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  • X431 Diagun III
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  • US$ 630
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  • Launch X-431 Diagun III is new developed smart, complete and portable professional vehicle diagnostic tool.
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  • 03-20-2019
Detail Information

Launch X431 Diagun III is a new professional vehicle diagnostic tool designed and developed by LAUNCH for repair technicians. It's smart, easy to carry, fully functional and convenient to use, and it's the standard equipment for garage technicians.

Original Launch  X431 DIAGUN III Update Online

Top 6 Reasons to Get X431 Diagun III:

1. Support full system car diagnosis and up to 70 car models
2. For 12V gasoline and diesel cars
3. Diagnose by DBSscar through Bluetooth
4. Easily update online free for one year,reasonable price
5. Allow  you to print our vehicle fault data with a mini printer
6. Supported Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese,


X431 Diagun III is a new professional vehicle diagnostic tool designed and developed by LAUNCH for repair technicians. It's smart, easy to carry, fully functional and convenient to use, and it's the standard equipment for garage technicians.X431 Diagun III+Launch DBS car diagnostic adaptor integrated design,supports wired and Bluetooth wireless diagnosis.Color and touch inductive screen, easy operation.

X431 Diagun III Product Features:

1, Powerful diagnostic functions
2, Wireless diagnosis
3, Fashionable and Integrated design
4, Better battery system design
5, Easy for comparison and analysis
6,Two DataStream waveforms displayed in one screen

X431 Diagun III Functions:

Long stand-By time: Can be used continuously 10 hours.
Unique Appearance: Rolling cover design, the DBScar connector is integrated.
Support print function: Support standard USB printer for printing diagnostic result.
Quick Update: Nearly 1,000 software update per year to ensure the functions.
Wireless diagnosis:  Main unit can communicate with DBScar connector by Bluetooth(<100m).
Powerful diagnostic:  Inherited with all diagnosis function of X-431 with wild software coverage, Asian, European and U.S.

Launch X431 Diagun III Supported Vehicle List:  Demo, Smart diagnostic software, Smart OBDII

America:America Ford,Chrysler,GM,Acres,INFINITI,Lexus.

Australia:Australia Ford,Holden

Brazil:Brazil GM
India:Indonesia Daihatsu,Indonesia Suzuki,Mahindra,MARUTI,TATA
Japan:Daihatsu,Honda,JP Isuzu,Mazda,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Subaru,Suzuki,Toyota

Europe:Audi,Benz,BMW,Citroen,Europe Ford,Fiat,Jaguar,Lancia,Landrover,Opel,Peugeot,Porsche,Renault,Romeo,Rover,Saab,Seat,Skoda,

China:Brilliance,BYD,Changan,ChangCheng,Changhe,Chery,GEELY,Gonow,HaFei,JAC,Jiangling,SGMW,Tianjin,Xiamen Golden,XinKai,ZhongShun,Zhongxing,ZOTYE



S.Africa:S.Africa Opel

Thailand:Thailand Isuzu

X431 Diagun III Product Specifications:

CPU --- 400 MHz ARM9
Color Touch Screen --- 480X272, 4.3''
TF card--- 1G
Upgrading/Printer Interface--- USB
Wireless communication Module --- Bluetooth
USB --- Standard USB 2.0 Ports
Working voltage of diagnostic adaptor: DC 12V (DC 24V not yet supported)
Operation system --- WINCE 5.0
Diagnose --- Fully inherits from X431
Update --- Update online
Interface optimization --- entering into diagnosis desktop directly after powering on, easy to use
English/Metric Conversion for PID Values
Quick upgrade --- nearly 1000 times each year

How to Use Launch X431 Diagun III:

1. Connections: Bluetooth (wireless) / Cable (wired) connections
2. Installation Location:

Bluetooth (wireless) Connection Procedure of X-431 Diagun III:

1. Insert the TF card into the slot;
2. Find out the vehicle’s DLC;
3. Plug the 16 PIN end of DBScar diagnostic connector into the vehicle’s DLC.

Launch X431 Diagun III Update and Dealer Code:

1. X431 DIAGUN III Support online update one year for free.
2. After one year, update costs 999USD/Year
3. When you get your device, please give us your serial number, the country you going to use and language you need to our customer service, we will active this product for you. Active takes 24-48 hours.
4. After active it, you can go to DBSCAR Official Website to register and download software. Our Dealer Code is 86K.
5. Learn how to match DBSCAR connector with your Diagun III main unit.

X-431 Function Improvement:

ItemNotes on ImprovementUpdate Date
Benz Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V45.80
Compared with the previous version (V45.76):                       
1. For every chassis, the non-CAN mode SAM DR,SAM PASS systems have been added with read version information, read DTCs, clear DTCs, read data streams, actuation test, and special functions have been added.                                        
2. For the newly-added ID of mesfi system under the 169 and the 245 chassis, the actuation test and special functions have been added
3. For the CAN mode ISM under every chassis, the actuation test and special functions have been added.                                 
4. For the non-CAN mode SCM system under every chassis, the Initial startup has been added.                                             
5. For the 163 chassis, the VIN auto scan function has been improved.                                                      
6. For the ESP system under the 211 chassis, the deion of DTC No. 4d41 has been revised.
JAGUAR Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V18.11Compared with the previous version (V18.10), for following models, specific special functions have been added:                                                                                                                                             
(1) XJ 2006: oil service counter reset, DPF replacement (only for diesel engine), DPF dynamic regeneration (only for diesel engine).                                                                                                         
(2) XJ 2008: oil service counter reset, DPF replacement (only for diesel engine), DPF dynamic regeneration (only for diesel engine).                                                                                                         
(3) S-TYPE 2006: oil service counter reset, DPF replacement (only for diesel engine), DPF dynamic regeneration (only for diesel engine).                                                                                         
(4) XF 2008: oil service counter reset, DPF replacement (only for diesel engine), DPF dynamic regeneration (only for diesel engine), DPF fuel related components replacement (only for diesel engine).                                                                                                                                                           
(5) XK 2010: oil service counter reset, oil level reset, read engine oil level real-time data.
Chevrolet (SPARK) Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V17.00Compared with the previous version (V16.00), the domestic B10 UAES engine system has been added.Note: the latest version of display software shall be used to ensure the normal operation of diagnostic software. Regarding the specific tested contents for this version, please refer to the 'Vehicle Coverage' on X431 website.2012-12-18
Renault Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V40.80Compared with the previous version                                                                                                            
1. For WIND model, the following modes have been added:                                                                 
(1) one Injection mode                                                                                                                                   
(2) two ABS modes                                                                                                                                         
(3) one UCH mode                                                                                                                                          
(4) one AIR CONDITIONING mode                                                                                                              
(5) one Instrument panel mode                                                                                                                    
(6) one AIRBAG/PRETENSIONERS mode                                                                                                 
(7) one SUNROOF CONTROL UNIT mode                                                                                                
(8) two RADIO modes                                                                                                                                     
(9) one MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE mode                                                                                                 
(10) one MULTIMED. CONNECTION mode                                                                                             
(11) two VARIABLE P.A.S. modes                                                                                                                  

2. For WIND model, fourteen systems have been added.                                                                        
3. For KANGOO MUX model, two Injection modes have been added.                                                   
4. For three modes under the PARKING BRAKE system of SCENIC II model, two special functions (Save clutch pedal programming, Write clutch pedal programming) have been revised.                  
5. For the models after year 2004 (all systems), the DTCs have been improved.
AUDI Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V26.31Compared with the previous version (26.30),                                                                                             
1. The operation instructions for VW model coding, basic adjustment, and channel adjustment match functions have been added.                                                                                                               
2. For previous version, the scanning problem and the BUG of DIAGUN software have been revised and optimized.
CHRYSLER Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V28.02This software is issued in 11 language: English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Italian, and Turkish.Compared with the previous version (V28.01),                                                                                                                               
1. For the 2011 newly added systems under CAN protocol, the actuation test, system test, and special functions have been added to twenty-six sub modes (including ABS, ACC, AHBM, AHLM, DMRL, DMRR, ESM, HSM, HVAC, ITM, MSMD, PEM, PLGM, PTS, RADIO, SAS, TCM, and TPM, etc.).
2. For the 2011 newly added systems, the way to read DTCs has been readjusted.                         
3. The mode matching function has been adjusted, which can accurately access the sub mode of system.
BMW Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V45.70This software is issued in 16 languages: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, Greek, French, Serbian, and Korean.Compared with the previous version (V45.60).
1. Following specific functions have been added.                                                                                    
(1) For the DME under the E60, etc., chassis: Idle speed, Exhaust-gas recirculation, Starting fuel delivery, Limitation delivery, Injection rate, DME/DDE-CAS, Injector rate adjustment, Read measured values, Bleeding, fuel system, Replacement, and particulate filter, etc., special functions.
(2) For the CAS under the E60 chassis: CAR KEY MEMORY. 
2. The following contents have been improved:                                                                                        
(1) For the DME under the E60, etc., chassis: Read measured values (special function)               
(2) For the EGS, DDE, and MRS under the E46 and E39, etc., chassis: read DTCs, and clear DTCs functions                                                                                                                                                
(3) For the FRM, FKA, and ECALL under the F01 chassis: read DTCs function                                 
(4) The text libraries in Russian, French, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, German, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese.                                                                                                               
(5) The Chinese icons of 3GIII
GM Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V42.60This software is issued in 12 languages: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Arabic Russian, Italian, Japanese, and Turkish.Compared with the previous version (V42.50), For following specific models, every system has been added with basic diagnostic functions.       
(1) 2010 Camaro                                                                                                                                           
(2) 2011/2012 Orlando                                                                                                                                   
(3) 2011 Chevrolet Equinox                                                                                                                           
(4) 2012 GMC Terrain                                                                                                                                     
(5) 2012 Buick LaCrosse/Regal/Verano                                                                                                     
(6) 2008/2009 Chevrolet HHR(Europe)                                                                                                      
(7) 2012 Chevrolet Aveo                                                                                                                                  
(8) 2012 Cadillac SRX2. For 2006 Cadillac SRX model, the Brake Pedal Position Sensor Relearn function has been added.
USA FORD Diagnostic Software for X-431 Series V41.70This software is issued in 9 languages: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, French, and Russian.Compared with the previous version (V41.60), the Passenger Seat Weight Sensor ReZero function has been added to the 2005-2011 Edge, Sable, Expedition, Explorer, F-150, Five Hundred, Mustang, Fusion, and Taurus, etc., fifteen models under the System search menu.2012-11-30

X-431 Diagun III Oversea Full Configuration Software List
No.OriginSoftware NameVersion
1-Demo SoftwareV14.40
2Smart OBDII diagnostic softwareV22.14
3AmericaAmerica Ford diagnostic softwareV41.91
4Chrysler diagnostic softwareV28.04
5GM diagnostic softwareV42.90
6X431, Acura Diagnostic SoftwareV10.41
7X431, INFINITI Diagnostic SoftwareV10.40
8X431, Lexus Diagnostic SoftwareV10.80
9AustraliaAustralia Ford diagnostic softwareV25.12
10Holden diagnostic softwareV40.01
11BrazilBrazil GM diagnostic softwareV13.00
12X431, Brazil Fiat diagnostic softwareV10.02
13ChinaBrilliance Auto diagnostic softwareV30.00
14BYD diagnostic softwareV17.20
15Changan vehicle diagnostic softwareV15.00
16ChangCheng diagnostic softwareV32.00
17Changhe diagnostic softwareV20.00
18Chery diagnostic softwareV55.00
19GEELY diagnostic softwareV17.00
20Gonow Auto diagnostic softwareV12.01
21HaFei diagnostic softwareV25.00
22JAC car diagnostic softwareV18.01
23Jiangling diagnostic softwareV12.30
24SGMW diagnostic softwareV20.10
25Tianjin FAW diagnostic softwareV16.40
26Xiamen Golden diagnostic softwareV13.00
27XinKai Diagnostic softwareV11.02
28ZhongShun diagnostic softwareV12.01
29Zhongxing diagnostic softwareV21.00
30ZOTYE diagnostic softwareV17.00
31EuropeAudi diagnostic softwareV26.32
32Benz diagnostic softwareV45.91
33BMW diagnostic softwareV46.10
34Citroen diagnostic softwareV40.54
35Europe Ford diagnostic softwareV41.10
36Fiat diagnostic softwareV32.90
37Jaguar diagnostic softwareV18.13
38Lancia diagnostic softwareV15.80
39Landrover diagnostic softwareV31.50
40Opel diagnostic softwareV40.00
41Peugeot diagnostic softwareV42.50
42Porsche diagnostic softwareV20.24
43Renault diagnostic softwareV40.90
44Romeo diagnostic softwareV18.60
45Rover diagnostic softwareV23.02
46Saab diagnostic softwareV22.00
47Seat diagnostic softwareV26.32
48Skoda diagnostic softwareV26.32
49Smart diagnostic softwareV17.26
50Transporter&V-Class diagnostic softwareV19.51
51Volkswagen diagnostic softwareV26.32
52Volvo diagnostic softwareV41.64
53IndiaMahindra diagnostic softwareV11.02
54MARUTI diagnostic softwareV14.02
55TATA diagnostic softwareV13.02
56JapanDaihatsu diagnostic softwareV19.92
57Honda diagnostic softwareV44.00
58JPIsuzu diagnostic softwareV13.30
59Mazda diagnostic softwareV38.20
60Mitsubishi diagnostic softwareV29.90
61Nissan diagnostic softwareV41.51
62Subaru diagnostic softwareV21.80
63Suzuki diagnostic softwareV33.02
64Toyota diagnostic softwareV47.00

X-431 Diagun III Oversea Full Configuration Packing List
No.Part categoryPart No.Part nameQuantity
1Main unit201024822X431,DIAGUN III host1
2Connector201024811DBScar diagnostic connector1
3203010549DBScar, BENZ-38 diagnostic connector1
4105040059DBScar, DAEWOO-12 diagnostic connector integrated1
5105040078DBScar,AUDI-4 diagnostic connector linear1
6105040083DBScar,BENZ-14 diagnostic connector linear1
7105040072DBScar,BMW-20 diagnostic connector integrated1
8105040067DBScar,CHRYSLER-6 diagnostic connector integrated1
9105040085DBScar,DAIHATSU-4 diagnostic connector linear1
10105040079DBScar,FIAT-3 diagnostic connector linear1
11Y203010554DBScar,FORD-6+1 diagnostic connector integrated1
12105040080DBScar,GAZ diagnostic connector linear1
13105040065DBScar,GEELY-22 diagnostic connector integrated1
14105040074DBScar,GM/VAZ-12 diagnostic connector integrated1
15105040060DBScar,HONDA-3 diagnostic connector integrated1
16105040068DBScar,KIA-20 diagnostic connector integrated1
17105040063DBScar,MAZDA-17 diagnostic connector integrated1
18105040076DBScar,MITSUBISHI/HYUNDAI-12+16 diagnostic connector1
19Y203010556DBScar,NISSAN-14+16 diagnostic connector1
20105040082DBScar,SSANGYONG-14 diagnostic connector linear1
21Connector105040070DBScar,SSANGYONG-20 diagnostic connector integrated1
22105040069DBScar,SUBARU-9 diagnostic connector integrated1
23105040084DBScar,SUZUKI-3 diagnostic connector linear1
24105040062DBScar,TOYOTA-17 diagnostic connector integrated1
25105040064DBScar,TOYOTA-22 diagnostic connector integrated1
26105040081DBScar,UNIVERSAL-3 diagnostic connector linear1
27Test cable105020989DBScar,OBD I Adaptor BOX switch wiring1
28105020988DBScar,OBDⅡ-16 Extend extension line1
31Software memory card204011293X-431 Diagun III oversea full configuration TF card1
32AccessoriesY102210077Host charger1
33105020990X431 DIAGUN III host and DPU connector USB communication cable, L = 1000mm, LAUNCH1
34102210104X431 DIAGUN III lithium polymer battery 3.7V/3800mAh, MEBLL1
35105020738X-431 DIAGUN Mainframe Connect PRINTER USB Cable1
36105020736X-431 DIAGUN USB Upgrade Cable1
37107022213X431 PIN envelope1
38107011062X431, DIAGUN III automotive fault diagnosis gun manual (English)1
39107011064X431, DIAGUN III Quick Installation Guide (English)1
40102150010Clipper fuse 5*20mm4

X431-Diagun III Display:

Launch X431 Diagun  III
  • Launch X431 Diagun  III
  • Launch X431 Diagun  III
  • Launch X431 Diagun  III
  • Launch X431 Diagun  III
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